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Securing Refugee Hosts Relation In Uganda

Through Enhanced Protection

Refugees and hosts can live peacefully


I do what I do becuase I was born and raised during war. Refugees, Asylum seekeers, Deportees, IDPs (Including former IDPs) are of personal and professional interest to me.

Securing Refugee-Host Relations

Refugees and hosts can live hormonously.

Tackling Sexual Violence in Conflict

Sexual violence remains a henous crime that requires concerted efforts to combact

Mentorship and Capacity Building for Rule of Law Stakeholders

Promoting refugee rights and protection requires that mentorship and capacity buiilding for all relevant duty bearers

Supporting Education for All

It's been well said that 'Education Cannot Wait' - Join hands to support the future generations acquire skills

Reflections on Force Migration-related Issues

Periodic insightful and provocative reflections

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SVAgenda2019Read more +18 May 2019 By David Onen Ongwech in Refugee Debate, Sexual Violence Debate

Sexual Violence in Conflict: Advancing the Agenda?

The long-awaited symposium on sexual violence was successfully concluded with great presentations, resourceful participants, and promising deliberations. The two-day event which took place from 15-17 May and guided by the theme "Sexual Violence in Conflict: Advancing the Agenda?" brought a wealth of experienced researchers, proactive practitioners, inspirational UN workers, passionate policy makers, and courageous survivors/victims of sexual violence discussing pertinent issues related to sexual violence.
Read more +29 April 2019 By David Onen Ongwech in Forced Migration Podcasts, Refugee Debate, Sexual Violence Debate

Thank You Message to the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Uganda on Securing Refugee-Host Relations in Northern Uganda

Download PDF Version Editor’s Note: This message was modified from Refugee Law Project’s message published on May 29, 2019. On Saturday 27 April 2019, Refugee Law Project (RLP) joined the citizens of the Netherlands living in Uganda and elsewhere in celebrating King’s Day. This important national holiday in the Netherlands marks the birth in 1885 of
Read more +25 March 2019 By David Onen Ongwech in Refugee Debate, Sexual Violence Debate

Empowering Women and Girls through Innovative Approaches require Paradigm Shifts in Attitudes and Practices

For some people, IWD 2019 was a stock taking day on progress garnered so far on women’s protection and empowerment. To others, it rekindled new energies, new commitments, and new agendas for strengthening protection of all women and girls. Irrespective of what the day meant for each one of us, this is a kind reminder that we need do whatever we possibly can, with whatever resources we have, and from wherever we are to advance women’s rights.
Read more +12 March 2019 By David Onen Ongwech in Forced Migration Podcasts, Refugee Debate

Extending the Welcome: long-term approaches to supporting refugees and at-risk scholars in higher education

The 2-day in-depth and insightful symposium brought a blend of academics, practitioners, and policy makers including diplomats with a wealth of experience on current initiatives on the provision of Online Distance Learning (ODL) programmes to people forcefully displaced – including at-risk scholars unable to continue going about their routine academic work including.
Read more +10 March 2019 By David Onen Ongwech in Concern Citizen

We Ought to Fight Dependence on Technology

Post originally published by The African Exponent on Fri, Mar 08, 2019. Link to original post. Dear Editor, I recently observed with abysmal shock when, while at a community dialogue, an event which brought people from across Africa, a participant pushed through the day without eating a buffet organised by community members because there were
Read more +06 March 2019 By David Onen Ongwech in Refugee Debate

Long-term approaches to supporting refugees and at-risk scholars

In collaboration with the Association of Commonwealth Universities, The University of Edinburgh, The British Council, and Refugee Law Project (RLP), we are pleased to be represented by Onen David Ongwech (Programme Manager Gender & Sexuality) and Susan Alupo (Programme Manager Access to Justice) at this very important symposium on Long-term approaches to supporting refugees at risk and at risk scholars in higher education from March 7 - 8, 2019 at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Empowering Refugee and Host Youth through Video Advocacy Training.

  • Well-researched Content

    Using in-house developed training curriculum
  • Amazing Facilitators

    Skilled and experienced faccilators keen to youth's interests
  • Passonated and Productive Graduates

    Meet over 100 graduates keen to refugee and host issues

South-South Institute #SSI2019

The Fourth South-South Institute on Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys in Conflict and Forced Displacement is back to Kampala!

South-South Institute 2019

The South-South Institute emerged in 2013 from an inter-institutional collaboration between Refugee Law Project (Uganda), Male Survivor of Sexual Abuse Trust (New Zealand) and First Step (Cambodia) following diverse histories and building on a wealth of experience of direct work on sexual violence in conflict, post-conflict and post-colonial settings.

The first Institute was held in Kampala in 2013, the second in Pnomh Penh in 2015, and the third in New Zealand in 2017. Guided by the theme “Bridging the Sexual Violence – Torture Divide”, the fourth Institute is back to its starting place to review the progress made in the past six years in raising international awareness and advocacy on conflict-related sexual violence against men and boys, and to take stock of the relationship between torture and sexual violence. Ms. Yasmin Sooka, Chair of the Commission of Human Rights in South Sudan, is our Keynote Speaker on Day One.

Join us from 27-29 May 2019 at Kolping Hotel, Bombo Road, Kampala Uganda. This is an invite only event institute.

Contact ssi.admin@refugeelawproject.org for more information.

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