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Welcome to SSI Resource Pack

RLP's Resource Pack on Sexual Violence against Men & Boys

Welcome to the resource pack compiled for the South – South Institute on Sexual Violence against Men & Boys in Conflict & Displacement running under the theme "Bridging the Sexual Violence – Torture Divide" which took place at the Kampala Kolping Hotel, Bombo road from the 26 – 29 May 2019.About South-South Institute (SSI). SSI was established in 2013 as a collaboration between Refugee Law Project (RLP - Uganda), the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust (MSSAT - Aotearoa), and First Step Cambodia, emerged from the three partners’ diverse histories of work with male survivors of sexual abuse and violation, some directly conflict-related, some arising in post- conflict and post-colonial settings. The 4th South–South Institute was made possible with generous funding from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Uganda and KIOS Foundation. We are grateful for all the contributions from partners and participants.

This resource pack contains materials provided by institute participants as well as those generated by Refugee Law Project over the years as we have engaged with and worked with male survivors of Conflict – Related Sexual Violence. This Resource Pack was conceptualised by Dr Chris Dolan, Director Refugee Law Project and has evolved overtime - bring together a wealth of experience and Refugee Law Project's work with men and boys survivors of conflict-related sexual violence.

About Refugee Law Project (RLP). Refugee Law Project seeks to ensure fundamental human rights for all forced migrants-asylum seekers, refugees, and internally displaced persons. We envision a country that treats all people within its borders with the same standards of respect and social justice. We work to see that all forced migrants living in Uganda, as specified under national and international law, are treated with fairness and respect.

Currently, we have 202 (73f, 129m) staff of which 33 percent are refugees. With offices in 13 districts across Uganda, RLP works directly with refugees, asylum seekers, deportees, and former Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) on a wide range of issues related to Gender & Sexuality, Mental Health and Psychosocial Wellbeing, Access to Justice, Media for Social Change, and Conflict, Transitional Justice and Governance.

RLP and the Gender & Sexuality Programme work inclusively to support women and girls as well as men and boys who are victims/survivors of sexual vioelnce. Currently, 60 percent of our clientele comprise of women and girls. Specific to conflict-related sexual violence against men and boys, RLP has over the years and through proactive engagagments with national and international partners innovatively worked towards enabling disclosure of experiences of war-related harms - including those arising from conflict-related sexual violence. Currently, and developed over time, our work in the Gender & Sexuality Programme is guided by a unique model dubbed "Screen - Refer - Support - Document". In the course of 2018 over 4,500 refugees and hosts were screened for such experiences, with approximately 1,300 subsequently supported to access successful medical and psychosocial support.

This Resource Pack brings together a collection of work on men and boys survivors of sexual violence, both from our own publications, but also from those of other participants in the South-South Institute.

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