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I’m Onen David, a self-taught Photographer and Web developer. I take photos and produce podcasts on issues related to Gender, Anthropology and Psychology. Generous people like you contribute to the storytelling from which I support few vulnerable children to access and stay in schools.
I’m raising funds to support education for vulnerable children to access and stay in schools. With 2 million Uganda shillings, we can keep 10 (5 Girls, 5 Boys) in primary schools (Tuition and Feeding) in northern Uganda for a year. The support targets children whose parents were child soldiers – parents who missed education because they were ill-fated victims of abduction – many unfortunately died – those who survived have been robbed off sustainable livelihoods. Many struggle to fend for their families through hand-to-mouth activities which can barely keep their children in schools.
Such children risk falling in vicious cycles of poverty. It doesn’t have to be that way! We can, we must, do something to break the cycle. No child in this century should miss basic formal education. It is well said that ‘Children are legitimate leaders of the future’. However, that will only remain a mantra if we continue to watch without questions and practical support. This initiative is only a drop in the ocean of educational needs of vulnerable children but nonetheless a promising one.
#EducationCannotWait! You too can help… Any amount counts and I thank you in advance. Do you have any question, Email: [email protected]