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Birds Seeking Refuge with a Refugee Serving Agency on a Rainy day

On a Cats and Dogs Day

On this special day, I observed what I never imagined could happen. It was a Saturday morning with heavy downpours which lasted for almost the whole day. I came to our Kiryandongo Field Office at 7:30hrs to provide routine staff mentorship and project management support.

As I waited for the door to be opened, I saw a 'mother' bird on a grey metalic burglar 'looking disturbed' as it hovered up and down the ceiling while chirping high-pitched sound. What a great day to start with! I watched with amusement what came next.

From one bird, there came a whole flock of birds wading for what looked like an asylum seeking process following a day covered with thick clouds, storm, and 'smell' of rain. What a cleaver mum I wondered! What was interesting about the birds was their selection of where to seek sanctuary. They passed several buildings to come to a refugee serving agency. What a choice! As a boy from Northern Uganda, where we eat wild birds (at least where I come from).

I couldn't exercise my bird hunting skills bequeath to me by my grandfather - instead, I had to offer safer space for refuge. I couldn't hold my tears seeing how the lovely 'mother' bird protected and warmth her chicks for all the hours of aggressive rain and strong wind.